Children and Young People’s Counselling

Life not so great? Don’t try to fix it on your own.
Children and young people’s counselling service is for any young person who is having problems at home or school. I can help you talk about the things that are worrying you. Children and young people tell us that seeing a counsellor helps because they are independent from either school or home life. I have 20 years of experience engaging very successfully with young persons with various difficulties. I talk with them honestly and openly always respecting their readiness to discuss particular issues and I can support them with problems like family breakdown; moving in with a second family; or bullying at school.

What can you expect from Children and Young People’s counselling?

You can expect to be helped by a supportive and non-judgmental counsellor. What you say to me is confidential, unless I become concerned about someone’s safety in your family, in which situation I will discuss the issue first with you before I contact the appropriate supporting network as I am obliged to.

  • I hope that you join the thousands of families who have made use of professional support to open up the communication channels again, find ways to cope and change and let the healing process in their family begin.